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The Vascular Quality Initiative® (VQI) of the Society for Vascular Surgery® (SVS) is a new program to improve vascular health care. It provides an opportunity for individual providers, hospitals, and regional quality improvement groups to collect and analyze clinical data in an effort to improve patient care. VQI collects pre-operative risk factors, intra-procedural variables, post-procedural outcomes, and one-year follow-up data to assess quality of care and determine best practices in vascular health care under the auspices of the SVS Patient Safety Organization (SVS PSO). The SVS PSO provides oversight of data sharing arrangements, key outcome and quality measure analyses, and dissemination of information to participating providers.

Based on the experience of the Vascular Study Group of New England, it is the belief of SVS PSO that multiple regional study groups provide the optimal unit size for conducting quality improvement projects. Such regional groups promote trust and encourage collaboration among peers which is essential to forming a sustainable quality group. To this end, SVS PSO assists and accredits regional vascular quality groups to participate in the VQI process.

SVS PSO has partnered with M2S, Inc. to provide a secure, web-based data collection and analysis system, with built-in error checking and incomplete record monitoring to ensure data integrity. The Clinical Data Pathways System can be used to generate real-time benchmarked reports for major outcomes and complications, as well as longitudinal tracking of center performance compared to a chosen group of centers. These reports permit centers to continually assess themselves compared to an anonymous group of peers on key performance measures. In addition, participation in SVS VQI satisfies the requirements for Part IV of the Maintenance of Certification of the American Board of Surgery.

source: vascularweb.org / updated August 2011 

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