Alpha Pharma - your professional and reliable partner in Ukraine. We provide a full package services of the effective promotion of the market, distribution and sales organization of drugs.

          Our services include:

Preliminary market research

  • market analysis and competitive environment;
  • assessment of risks and opportunities in the derivation of drug;
  • identification of trends and prospects; 
  • new product launch;
  • calculation of the budget and develop an optimal strategy; 
  • make the Business Plan;


Providing Supply Chain 

  • provision of logistics;
  • customs clearance of goods;
  • storage of goods in specialized warehouse;


Providing of sales on Ukrainian market

  • organization distribution network in Ukraine;
  • providing drug major pharmacy chains and pharmacies;
  • supply of drugs in the low treatment facilities;


Marketing promotion products on the market

  • making a marketing plan;
  • promotion strategy development and implementation;
  • creating a recognizable image of the drug;
  • marketing activities aimed at stimulating demand;  
  • participation in thematic congresses and scientific conferences;  
  • conducting specialized companies for doctors;
  • individual visits to doctors and pharmacies;
  • presentation activities in health facilities and pharmacies;
  • develop programs to accelerate the "start" of drugs;
  • organization of research, strengthening the evidence base;
  • development of promotional materials and advertising campaigns;
  • work with key audiences, opinion leaders, key personnel;


We are committed to high business standards, creating a strong partnership, cooperation and development of successful new business opportunities of our clients.

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